On the attach_money Expenses screen, you can enter all the expenses that have occurred during the process of servicing your vending business, for example, fuel, rent, repairs, advertising, salaries, etc.

Expenses functionality is meant to manage all additional payments besides purchasing goods to load up the machines and besides commissions and taxes.

The costs of purchasing goods have to be entered in section Purchases.

The system automatically calculates payments on commissions and taxes if you define them properly. Read more about commissions and taxes.

You can group your expenses into categories. The system has some predefined expense categories and also gives you the possibility to add your own.

Expenses participate in the following reports:

Expenses Grid #

Expenses Overview
  • Date: the date expense happened
  • Category: expense category
  • Amount: amount spent
  • Payee: payment receiver
  • Location: location name if the expense is connected to a specific location
  • Machine: machine name if the expense is connected to a specific machine
  • Description: some free-text description on payment

Create Expense #

Use the add Create Expense button to open the Create Expense screen:

Create Expense
  • Category (Mandatory): select an Expense category from the list of predefined records. You also can create your category by clicking on the add button.
  • Date (Mandatory): date of the expense.
  • Amount (Mandatory): the amount of expense.
  • Description (Optional): Some free-text description.
  • Payee (Optional): the recipient of the payment, free text.
  • Assign to Location (Optional): you can assign an expense to a specific location. Check the box and select a location from the list. You can use the report Expenses by Location to get a better view of the expenses that a location produces.
  • Attachment (Optional): if you want, you can attach a scanned document related to the expense document: invoice, receipt, etc.