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Do You Need Specialized Vending Software?

Business owners involved in the vending industry have particular challenges. At all times, they strive for top level efficiency and lowest overhead and supply costs. Vending operators use many different methods to create a more profitable business: changing vendors, product types or machines, expanding routes, and tracking product sales across locations. The main tie is the collection and use of data. It is a waste of time to try to fix things when you do not have the correct information to determine where your business is lacking.

Gathering the right information efficiently will allow you to progress ahead of your competitions and make great decisions about how to expand or improve your company. Advanced data software also creates more efficiency in the office, since you will not have to figure everything out for yourself.

What Does Vending Software Do For You?

The primary reasons to use vending software is to track inventory of products, your assets, organize your route and map it for speed and for deciding what product will do best at each location. Even if you are just starting in the vending industry, you will benefit from this type of software. It will get you started on the right foot. If you own or operate a very large vending company, this organization tool is invaluable.

Why Pay for Special Software?

Many companies may think it's fine to just use a spreadsheet or database to track inventory and profits, but that method wastes time. When you want to get into profits fast, it is important to not do that. If your company grows or takes on new product lines and routes, you may have to pay a technician to create completely new spreadsheets.

Here are some arguments against using a simple spreadsheet program and explanations of why dedicated vending software is right for you:

  1. More time needed to input and analyze the data collected. Separate spreadsheets will cover sales records, area information, and product and inventory. It would be better to use this time to find new locations for vending machines, improve maintenance or research new products.
  2. Knowledge of proper mathematical formulas and equations or hiring someone to do it for you for spreadsheet data use. With software programs specifically designed for vendors, all of that is already taken care of. By just inputting your data, you can generate useful reports about profits and products right away.
  3. Spreadsheets do not offer automatic input via smart phone or mobile device. Apps like DEX protocol allow you to directly record and download all information about receipts, date and time and servicing to the vending software. No data entry at the office needed.
  4. It is impossible to manage routes with a spreadsheet. Vending software can map machine locations and design the quickest and most efficient routes for you. You can also monitor the mileage and fuel needs of your drivers. As your business expands, professional vending software can expand with you.
  5. There are different levels of access that can be assigned to different people in your office. One user level would allow administrative assistants to input data, while another, more secure level can allow only you to analyze information for reports.

As you can easily see from all the information given above, investing in dedicated vending software can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of your vending business.

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VendSoft Benefits

Save Money

VendSoft will help you to efficiently manage your vending routes. Deliver the right products to the right machines on time. Keep the right inventory.

Save Time

VendSoft has a powerful mapping and routing capabilities and will optimize your daily visits saving you both time and gas.


VendSoft is a cloud-based software. There is no need to download or install anything. We take care of hourly backups of the server.



VendSoft is a stock control inventory app for vending machines. You can keep track of current inventory amounts and optimize your stock levels. Set reorder point and reorder quantity so you don't run out of products. Inventory levels are maintained for every machine, truck and warehouse. The system provides full information on historical sales, purchases and product usage.

Space-To-Sales Optimization

The advanced space-to-sales algorithm balances brand flow and machine capacity so the vending machine can sell down evenly, minimizing the probability of out-of-stock conditions. This function allows you to eliminate slow selling products and increases the time between vending machine refills.


VendSoft runs in the cloud and is accessible from any computer, anywhere, any time. VendSoft has a mobile vending application which supports Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad.

Dynamic Dispatching and Scheduling

Deliveries may be scheduled based on predicted consumer demand, reducing the sold-out conditions and maximizing the volume of product delivered.


Compute commissions and sales tax whether you pay a percentage amount or a flat rate. Calculate profit per location. View locations on the map.

Route management

VendSoft allows you to build multiple vending routes. You can schedule visits, print route cards and record services.

Comprehensive reports

VendSoft provides a list of reports which you can filter by period, location, machine or route. You can export the data to Excel or PDF.

DEX Data Transmission

VendSoft can receive DEX data from your USAT ePort devices and can help you to cost effectively optimize your routes and pre-kit your trucks.

All Vending Business Types

VendSoft supports all types of vending business: Snacks and Soda Vending, Coffee Vending, Bulk Candy Vending.

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