Vending Software Features

In-depth reporting

VendSoft saves you time and reduces uncertainty by helping you to make informed data-driven decisions. You can finally get rid of those complicated Excel spreadsheets. See at a glance how your vending business is performing on the Dashboard – revenue and profit, top-selling products, and scheduled servicing.

Comprehensive Reports
Easily slice and dice all the data VendSoft has collected for you: sales by product, month over month and per location, cash flow, profit and loss, sales tax and commission reports, and many more. Check out some of the report types that VendSoft offers.
Build Your Own Reports
You can also create your own reports with the free Google Data Studio using the VendSoft Data Studio Connector


See at a glance all the locations where you’ve distributed machines. Easily add, edit and delete locations. Each location entry stores information about its address, assigned commission and taxes, number of machines available and gives you the ability to add more machines and define how often they need to be serviced.

Route Management
Easily assign locations to different routes owned by your drivers. depending on the geographical distribution, drivers’ workload or else.
Route Optimization
VendSoft helps you to calculate the quickest route to your vending machine locations, estimating the trip distance and the total travel time.
Tailored pre-kitting
VendSoft helps you maximize sales turnover by carefully analyzing the exact product mix you need at each location. Knowing the exact product quantities each machine needs to be replenished with will help you load delivery trucks more efficiently saving you precious time and efforts.

Inventory management

Optimize inventory and reduce costs by closely monitoring your product sell-in/sell-out history. Easily add, edit and remove as many products as you want. Do you have a large amount of inventory? No need to waste time manually adding those: use VendSoft’s template to upload them all at once!

Product levels and expiry dates
Track inventory levels and expiry dates at your warehouse and for each machine. Get detailed information about product unit cost, average cost, inventory value, adjust quantities and write off items at any time.
Product critical levels
Leverage VendSoft to monitor inventory critical levels each location and machine so that you always have the right mix of products available at the right time and never miss on a business opportunity. See at a glance the product items which stock levels are getting dangerously low in the "inventory to reorder" report.
VendSoft supports multiple machine types. Easily check servicing history by location or by machine. What’s more, VendSoft will also put together procurement predictions based on historical data.
Assign various types of commissions to each machine or per location. In the Reports tab, you can calculate with a single click the total amount due to the location owner.

Mobile app

Manage your vending operations anytime, anywhere. No need to have internet connection – collect data from the vending machines when on-site and automatically sync it with your VendSoft account once back in the office.

The Android application is available on the Google Play store: Google Play Store
The iPhone and iPad application is available on the Apple App Store: Apple App Store
vending mobile app screenshot


VendSoft supports integration with the leading telemetry providers to help you receive cashless payments and sales data in real-time.

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