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VendSoft is a stock control inventory app for vending machines. You can keep track of current inventory amounts and optimize your stock levels. Set reorder point and reorder quantity so you don't run out of products. Inventory levels are maintained for every machine, truck and warehouse. The system provides full information on historical sales, purchases and product usage.

Space-To-Sales Optimization

The advanced space-to-sales algorithm balances brand flow and machine capacity so the vending machine can sell down evenly, minimizing the probability of out-of-stock conditions. This function allows you to eliminate slow selling products and increases the time between vending machine refills.


VendSoft runs in the cloud and is accessible from any computer, anywhere, any time. VendSoft has a mobile vending application which supports Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad.

Dynamic Dispatching and Scheduling

Deliveries may be scheduled based on predicted consumer demand, reducing the sold-out conditions and maximizing the volume of product delivered.


Compute commissions and sales tax whether you pay a percentage amount or a flat rate. Calculate profit per location. View locations on the map.

Route management

VendSoft allows you to build multiple vending routes. You can schedule visits, print route cards and record services.

Comprehensive reports

VendSoft provides a list of reports which you can filter by period, location, machine or route. You can export the data to Excel or PDF.

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