Vending machine software features

Vending Software Features

Inventory management

  • Track inventory purchases
  • Track critical levels and show inventory to re-order
  • Calculate average product cost
  • Track product expiration dates
  • Show full inventory history
  • Optimize your stock levels

Vending inventory management
Vending mobile app for iPhone and Android

Mobile app

  • Android application on the Google Play store: 
  • iOS application on the Apple App Store: 


  • Calculate sales tax. Multiple tax types supported.
  • Calculate commisions. Multiple commission types supported.
  • Calculate profit and loss
  • Calculate profit margins per product, per machine and per location
  • Export each report to Excel or PDF
  • Samples of selected reports

Vending software reports
Vending route optimization

Route scheduling and optimization

  • Define multiple vending routes
  • Define visit frequency (service pattern) for each location
  • Automatically calculate the next service date
  • Pre-Kitting

Telemetry (DEX data)

VendSoft supports integration with the following telemetry providers:

  • USATech
  • Coinco
  • Datavend
  • Nayax

Vending telemetry
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