On the Trips screen, select the trip you want to prepare for and click the print Prekitting button.

Pre-kitting is the process of preparing in advance the products necessary to fill machines for each location. Pre-kitting has proven to be a very time and cost-saving step from the whole process of vending machine servicing.

The usual scenario of servicing a location is the following: the driver rides to the location, goes inside to check remaining inventory, goes back out to the truck to find and load the products that need to be restocked, then heads back inside and finally fills the machines.

Luckily, VendSoft can make the process easier by preparing a Pre-kitting report for you. The system calculates the quantity of every product needed to refill the machines and displays the data aggregated for the whole trip and also per machine.

Necessary quantity per product is calculated as Average Vends per Day * Number of days since last fill.

Here is a sample of a prekitting PDF report prekitting-trip-149377.pdf

Prekitting Summary #

The first part of the report is the Prekitting Summary. Here you can see the list of all products that are included in all machines in the trip.

For each product, you can see the total needed quantity (Product to load), the number of machines that contain this product (Used in #machines), and the current quantity in the warehouse.

For clarity, products are grouped by product type: Beverage, Food, etc.

Prekitting Summary

Prekitting Detail #

In the detailed part of the report, you will see all the machines included in the trip.

Each machine has all its products listed, and for each product, you can see info about the Last Fill Level in the machine, the Average vends per day, and the number of items that the system predicted has been sold since the last visit.

Prekitting Detail

Next Steps #

Visit the machines in the trip and record the data from servicing the machines on paper or using the VendSoft mobile application. After that you should enter trip results in the system.