Print Service Sheet

Print Service Sheet

Print Trip data on paper, so when you service your machines, you can capture all data that you will later enter on the Enter Trip Results screen.

On the Trips screen, select the trip you want to print and click the print Service Sheet button.

The system will generate the Service Sheet report in PDF format, after which you can save it locally and print it.

Service Sheet Report
Service Sheet Report

You can view a sample service sheet file here: trip-service-sheet-133951.pdf.

The Service Sheet report lists all machines that are included in the trip. They are grouped by location, and the locations are ordered in the order you arranged them when you created the trip.

For each location, you can see some useful general data like address, working hours, contact person and phone, notes.

For each machine, you can record the amount of cash collected and also, if you have enabled to track vend meter, cash meter, and credit card sales, the corresponding values for the meters.

The detailed machine data displayed depends on machine type: you need to capture different data if you service a soda machine, a bulk machine, or a coffee machine.

You can find a more detailed explanation of what data you should capture for each machine type in the Enter trip results article.

Instead of recording the data from servicing the machines on paper and manually entering it, you can use the VendSoft mobile application.

It is available for Android and iOS and is free to use with all our plans.

Next Steps #

Use the Pre-kitting report to prepare products and quantities necessary to service the trip machines.