Routes Overview #

VendSoft gives you the possibility to group your locations into routes.

A route is a list of locations grouped by some criteria: by driver, by weekday, by machine type and so on. Routes can be used to quickly create a trip using the Add from Route button.

Possible use case: You visit some of your locations on Monday, others on Tuesday, the third set on Wednesday, and so on. You can create a route that includes all your locations for Monday and call it “Monday Route.” Then, when creating your trip for Monday, instead of adding the locations to visit one by one, click Add from Route button and select “Monday Route.” All locations assigned to the route will be added to the trip at once. The same scenario can apply if you create a route for machines serviced by a specific driver (“Johnny’s Route”), or machines in the Northwest area of the city (“NW Route”), or only snack machines (“Snack Route”) and so on.

Another benefit of using routes is the option to filter the report data by the route. On the bar_chart Reports screen click the button Filter By Route and select the route(s) to show in reports. The reports will display data only for the locations assigned to the selected routes.

Defining and using routes is an optional feature provided by VendSoft. You are encouraged to take advantage of it, but the system will function even if you don’t.

You can view and manage your routes from the Routes screen.

Routes Grid #

Routes Overview
  • Name: Route name
  • Description: Route description
  • Default Driver
  • Locations: the number of locations in this route
  • Machines: the number of machines in this route

Create / Edit Route #

You can define a new route using the add Create Route button on the Routes screen.

Create Route dialog
  • Name (Mandatory): Free text that describes the short name of the route. Displayed in the Locations grid.
  • Description (Mandatory): Free text, more extended description of the route.
  • Default Driver (Optional)

Add Locations to Route #

Click the Add Locations button to open the Select Locations screen.

Select the location(s) to assign and click Save. The system will position the assigned locations on the map. You can reorder them using drag and drop in the Locations list.

When you Add Locations from Route to a trip, locations by default will be ordered in the sequence specified here, in the route.

Remove Location from Route #

In the Locations list click the delete icon at the end of the row.