Mileage Log

Mileage Log

Another useful functionality provided by VendSoft is the speed Mileage Log.

Using the Mileage log functionality, you can track your travel distance while servicing your vending business.

To view and analyze the entered data, use the Mileage Log report.

Mileage Log Grid #

Mileage Log Overview

Create Mileage Log #

Use the add Create button to open the Create Mileage Log screen:

Create Mileage Log
  • Date (Mandatory): Enter date for mileage log
  • Beginning Mileage (Mandatory): Numeric field.
  • Ending Mileage (Mandatory): Numeric field.
  • Total Miles (Mandatory): Numeric field. Calculated as the difference between Ending Mileage and Beginning Mileage, you can edit it and enter your own value.
  • Business Purpose / Comments (Optional): Free-text field where you can enter some additional info.
  • Vehicle (Optional): Free-text description of the vehicle.