See at a glance what is the current status of the products in your machine using Predictions functionality.

In this screen, the system displays the predicted quantities needed to fill the machine to its Last Fill Level (Last Count).

Go to the business Machines screen, open a machine and click on the timeline Predictions button.


You will see the list of all products currently placed in the machine and for each of them, the following data:

  • Max Capacity: total max capacity for this product in the machine, the sum of max capacities of all selections with this product.

  • Last Count (Last Fill Level): total fill level for this product in the machine, the sum of Last Fill Levels of all selections with this product.

  • Current Count: the predicted inventory level in the machine for this product.

    Current Count = Last Fill Level - Units Needed

  • Units Needed: how many calculated by the system using the formula:

    Units Needed = Vends per Day * Number of Days Since Last Visit

  • Vends per Day (VPD): Average vends per day of this product calculated based on the data from the last six machine visits. The system needs at least two visits to calculate the value for VPD..

All displayed data is calculated towards the current date.