Show/Edit Location

Show/Edit Location

To review and edit the location’s data, click on the location row in the Locations Grid. The system will open the Show Location screen.

Edit Location Data #

The data on the Show Location screen is initially displayed as read-only. In order to edit data, click edit Edit button. The system will enable all the fields for editing.

Besides the data that you entered on the Create Location screen, you can see two more sections:

Map #

The system determines the location’s position on the map using data you entered in Address Line1, Town/City, State/Province, ZIP, and Country.

Very rarely, but sometimes, our mapping provider cannot geocode the locations correctly. In such a case, you can manually move the blue pin on the map to its correct position. After you are happy with the location positioning, press Save.
Map - Save Position

Machines #

On this tab, you can see the list of machines that are currently installed at this location.

Installed Machines section

Locations and machines are interconnected - one is not meaningful without the other and vice versa. Every location has to have at least one machine assigned to it, and also, each machine has to be placed at exactly one location.

On the Machines tab, you can define which machines are placed at this location.

This is one of the required setup steps that you have to perform to include a machine / location into a trip and schedule a visit.

Install Machine at Location #

On the tab Machines press the add Install Machine button:

Install Machine from Locations tab
The system will list only machines that are currently not installed at any Location. Select the machine you want to install, enter the date for machine installation and save.

Remove Machine from Location #

On the tab Machines select the delete Uninstall icon at the end of the row.

Move Machine to Another Location #

To move a machine to another location, you should first remove it from its current location, then open the other Location and install it there.