You can manage your locations from the place Locations screen.

Locations Grid #

Locations Overview

Columns in the Locations Grid: #

  • Code
  • Name
  • Address Line1
  • City
  • ZIP
  • Service Days: Service pattern for visiting machine on a fixed schedule. “TU,TH 7” - every week on Tuesday and Thursday; “WE 14” - every two weeks on Wednesday.
  • Routes: comma-separated list all routes that contain the Location (see Add Location to Route)
  • Last Visit: last date when the location was visited. This is the date of the last trip to this location.
  • Next Visit: next date when location should be visited according to the defined fixed schedule Service Pattern. The system calculates the date based on the Last Visit date and location’s service pattern.
  • # Machines: number of machines installed in this location. If no machines are currently assigned to the location, the system marks cell and displays the hint “Please, install at least one machine.”
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone
  • Status