Write-Off Product Stock

Write-Off Product Stock

Use the Write-Off function when you need to remove bad (damaged or expired) products from your Warehouse.

If you need to remove bad (damaged or expired) products from a machine instead, create a trip for this machine and when entering results from machine visit, enter the number of damaged items in field Bad (discarded) on the detailed edit selection screen.

Please select a product in the Inventory grid and click on it to open the Show Product screen. Then click the Write-Off button. The system will open the Write-Off screen:

Write-Off Product
  • Quantity (Mandatory): enter the quantity to remove (in single units).
  • Date: the date of the write-off.
  • Reason: enter free-text reason for removing products. It is optional but it’s a good practice to enter it. Displayed as description in the Product History screen as well as in report Write-Offs / Adjustments.

After saving the data, the product’s In-Warehouse stock is decreased by the write-off quantity, and the Total In-Stock quantity is recalculated.

Write-off is displayed in the list of product movements, on the Product History screen:

Product History - Data after warehouse write-off