Product History

Product History

Please select a product in the Inventory grid and click on it to open the Show Product screen. Then click the history History button. The system will open the Product History screen:

Product History
The system will display a grid with all the transactions related to this product.

  • Date: Date of the transaction.

  • Type: The type of the transaction. The possible transaction types are:

    • Initial: this is the initial inventory setup data, entered when Creating the product
    • Purchase: transaction generated when you created a purchase for this product
    • Sold: transaction generated when you saved a trip containing this product. The system also displays the number of the Trip.
    • Empty: transaction generated when you take out a product from a machine and return it to the warehouse. For example: if you change a product in a machine and you return the remaining quantity of the previous product to the warehouse, or if you remove a machine from location and you have to empty it. Use field Emptied (returns) on the Enter Trip Results screen, in the detailed edit selection dialog.
    • Write-Off: transaction generated when you remove bad (damaged or expired) products from a machine or from your warehouse. Use field Bad (discarded) on Enter Trip Results screen, in the detailed edit selection dialog to remove products from machine or Write-Off command on Inventory screen to remove products from warehouse.
    • Adjustment: transaction generated when you perform some warehouse stock adjustment (for example based on stock-taking), using Adjust Product Quantity functionality. Adjustment type records can be removed directly from History by clicking the delete icon at the end of the row.
  • Quantity: the transaction quantity. Negative for Write-Off. Negative or Positive for Adjustment. Positive for the rest of the types.

  • Description: displays some additional info depending on transaction type: Reason or Location for Write-Off, Location for Sold and Empty, Supplier for Purchase, Reason for the Adjustment.