Import from File

Import from File

VendSoft offers you the possibility to import your inventory data from a file.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Download the template excel file from here.

  2. Enter the following data:

  • Product Code: Mandatory. Enter text or numeric or alphanumeric value to help you easily identify your product, product SKU. For example, if your product is M&M’s Peanut, the code can be MM-PEA; for Coca Cola 12 oz cans code can be Coke and so on. If you don’t have your coding convention, you can use sequential numbers for the Product Code field: 1,2,3, etc.
  • Product Name: Mandatory. Enter the full name of the product, for example, Coca-Cola 12 oz cans.
  • Product Type: Mandatory. Enter as text the product type. The value that you enter here can be one of the four system predefined types: Beverage, Food, Hot drink, and Ingredient or your custom product type. If the specified product type does not exist, the system will automatically create it. More info about Product Types.
  • Units per Case: Optional, number. Enter the number of bottles/cans per case for drinks or the number of items in a box for Snacks, for example. This number is used when you create your Purchase records.
  • Reorder Point: Optional, number. Enter the stock level at which you should consider replenishing this product. When the quantity in the warehouse drops below the reorder point, the product will be displayed in the Reorder screen. Enter the Reorder Point in single units.
  • Initial Stock: Optional, number. Enter the quantity available in the warehouse. The value should be in single units (single bottle, single can, single snack).
  • Unit Cost: Optional, number. The price of the product per single unit at which you buy from the supplier. This is the price for the initial quantity.
  • Barcode: Optional. Enter the product’s barcode.
  1. Save the file on your computer.

  2. Go to the Inventory screen and press the button Import. The system will open Import Products from Excel window:

    Import from file

  3. Select the file with your data and click Import.

Here is a sample of a file with product data:

Sample import file


The system will accept and process only files of xlsx file format, not the earlier xls file format.

The fields Product Code, Product Name, and Product Type are mandatory.

Values in field Product Code should be unique. If you specify more than one record with the same product code in the import file, only the data for the last one will be imported.

Keep in mind also that data of already existing products will be updated with the data from the import file if product codes are the same.