Adjust Inventory Quantity

Adjust Inventory Quantity

Use this function to change the product quantity In Warehouse, for example, based on stock-taking.

Select the product that you want to modify from the Inventory grid and click the Adjust Quantity button on the Show Product screen.

Adjust Product - Data before adjustment
  • In Warehouse: current quantity in the warehouse (in single units).
  • New Quantity: Edit the quantity as necessary. After you change the New Quantity, the system automatically calculates the value for Total In-Stock.
  • Date: The date of the adjustment.
  • Reason: reason for the adjustment. Displayed as description in the Product History screen as well as in the report Write-Offs / Adjustments.

The adjustment is displayed in the list of product movements, on the Inventory -> Product History screen:

Product History - Data after adjustment

The adjustments can be removed directly from the Product History screen by clicking the delete icon at the end of the row. Product quantities In Warehouse and Total In-Stock will be recalculated accordingly.