Tax Types

Tax Types

View and manage your Tax Types on the screen settings Configuration, section Tax Types.

This is the place where you only define the type of your taxes.

The value of the tax rate itself is maintained on the Location level. Navigate to the Locations > View/Edit Location, Tax Rates section.

Tax Types Grid #

Tax Types Overview

Here you see a list of all available Tax Types, displayed with their names.

Create Tax Type #

Use the add Create Tax Type button to open the Create Tax Type screen:

Create Tax Type dialog

Give a descriptive name to the tax type (mandatory), for example, “State Tax,” “GST,” etc.

In the Applicable to product types section the system displays a list of all existing Product Types. Use the checkboxes in front of each of them to define whether this tax applies to this product type. You can select as many as you need, also none.

If no product types have been defined yet, just save the new tax type. On the next step, when you go to the Product Types tab, you can create your product types and map them to appropriate tax types from there.