Basic Elements of Vending Software

Want to automate more aspects of your vending business? The right vending software will provide the information you need to increase range, efficiency, and profits.

Vending machines

If you do not have quality vending machines, you don’t have a vending business. They are the cornerstone of success and the biggest investment you make in your company. They are your storefronts, inventory control, and cash registers. They must be effective and secure.

Consider the following information about your vending machines:

Vending Machine Identification

Effective vending software lets you enter information about each machine you own, sort the data and keep organized. This can help you record machine type, products included, serial number, IP address if online, date you bought it and who you bought it from, repair schedule and actual value.

Vending Machine Location

Easily track when a particular vending machine was placed at a location and automatically create reports of sales for those locations. Vending software can keep track of clients, locations and which are the most profitable for you.

Vending Machine Performance

It is no good to know where your machines are if you do not know which are making the most sales and on what products. Vending software can automate this process. Input sales and inventory for particular machines and receive easy-to-read reports that show which make more money and which may not be bringing in the profits. This can help you determine when machines are out of order or need to be restocked as well.


Finding quality locations for all your machines can take time, and you do not want to find out you could have been making more money with a different location or product line too far down the road. Register the locations with quality vending software and stay organized with the full range of statistics about each place.

Location Data

Basic location information like a contact name, street address, phone number, email address and machine position should be inputted into your vending software. Include all people you have contact with at the location so you always know whom you can go to with any problems or offers. Good software programs allow you to categorize locations by type: schools, businesses, industrial buildings, etc. This will help with data and profit analysis. Also, record the hours you are able to access the machines so routes can be planned more efficiently.

Easy Location Mapping

Managing routes for maintenance and product restocking drivers can be a cumbersome job with old-fashioned maps or GPS systems. Proper vending software includes detailed city maps and elements to create efficient routes to save time and fuel costs.

Keep Track of Machines at Each Location

This is especially important when you install multiple machines at one location. Vending software helps you keep track of the commission paid to the locations’ owners and how much profit you make from the individual machines. This can also tell you what products do best where so you can tweak your offers for increased sales.

Other than product choice, good locations are the number one way to profit in the vending industry. With the right vending software, you can easily keep track of which machines at which locations bring in the most money for you.

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